Asics Men Gel Kayano 21 Review

The Men’s Kayano 21 is the right shoe for you if you are a runner needing high performance at all times. If you’re looking for unparallel stability and support, this is the shoe for you.
ASICS Gel Kayano 21 In Sole

Helpful Cushioning Material

These shoes cushioning material is very helpful for any overpronator out there helping them keep a truly neutral step. If you are looking for support and stability, this is the right sneaker for you.

Shock Absorption

The Asics Kayano 21 provide you outstanding cushioning with the ultimate experience.

If you need a pair of quality shoe to work on many types of hard outsides, then it’s the right sneaker for you. They also feature excellent sole cushioning as well as awesome insoles.

Glove-like Fit

Creating a glove-like fit is what these shoes are all about. Thanks to the FluidFit technology, a mix of stretch reinforcements and multi-direction stretch mesh, these shoes will be very comfortable.

Though your ankles and your knees might feel angry in the beginning, your walk will improve over time. These shoes are nice offering the ankle support you want.

Outstanding Support System

These shoes will reduce your overall weight while giving you the support and stability you need. Since the arch will not dig into the foot’s bottom, these shoes are great for those with flat feet.

Jogging on any concrete will be a breeze to you thanks to these shoes’ gel that will cushion the sole. These lightweight shoes will provide you with all the support you need.

Great Design

With a bottom-end and comfortable design, these gel Kayano 21 shoes are here to stay. These shoes’ superior cushioning will protect your feet all over.

You will feel these shoes rather snug though they are not tight in any way.

These shoes are also very durable as well as well constructed.


  • You won’t have to use orthotic inserts at all.
  • People with pronation issues will get a lot of benefits from these shoes.
  • If you suffer from a moderately pronating foot, these shoes will provide you with the perfect balance of comfort and support.
  • These shoes are very breathable and light allowing some air to enter the shoe during use.
  • The Gel Kayano 21 might not stretch far enough up your ankle.


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


Q. Is this Gel Kayano 21 too supportive?

A. They are supportive.

Q. Have treadmill runners had issues with static electricity while using these shoes?

A. No, never.

Final Verdict

The ASICS Kayano 21 will provide you with tons of support and balance right away.

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