Get a $500 Wealfeet Scholarship

Due to the insufficient response, we are going to close this scholarship program now. So, we are no longer accepting new applications. We will update here if we could start this program again in future. Thanks for your cooperation. offers excellent reviews of the best running shoes for people who struggle with the painful condition called plantar fasciitis. We devote our efforts to providing a resourceful guide for selecting the ideal running shoes that can help to mitigate the effects of plantar fasciitis to enable the affected people to run and walk normally.

The Weal Feet $500 Scholarship

We are pleased to announce the Weal Feet Yearly $500 Scholarship. The winner carries home the money prize to cover various educational needs.

Here is the Application Process

Applicants are required to write the content of between 700 and 1000 words. The topics are provided on this website. Eligible applicants should have some interest in sports, fitness and health issues. Students can get more information about the scholarship by visiting our website.

Weal Feet Yearly $500 Scholarship Details

This scholarship focuses on a range of issues that touch in health and fitness. Our interest is to harness the applicants’ talents towards furthering the well-being of the society.

The main focus is in the areas of health and fitness. Awareness creation on such matters is a noble course that should interest every applicant.

This scholarship will leverage the pursuit of the participants’ educational dreams. Students in college and graduate schools are especially encouraged.

The opportunity extends to those planning to join such institutions. This scholarship is meant to broaden the scope of your knowledge in a practical sense.

Participants stand a unique chance of winning $500 scholarship grant. The grant is intended to help the lucky winner to acquire course materials and other necessary educational resources. Such resources are for improving the participants’ odds of scoring top grades in their respective courses.

Essay Topic and Requirements

The Weal Feet scholarship is highly recommended for students in the fields of Sports Science, Health, and Fitness.

However, students pursuing other disciplines are also invited provided they have a lasting passion for the mentioned areas. Interested students should follow the instructions provided below.

Follow the instructions below:

Submit a well-written essay of between 700 and 1000 words. You should choose a topic that covers any of the areas of health, fitness and general well-being.

An example of the topic is “The Best Sprinting Shoes for People with Flat Feet.” You could also write on “The Importance of Cushioning in Running Shoes.” The choices can be as vast as your preferences.

About Eligibility

Eligible applicants must be currently enrolled in any high school, trade school, college, or university. The candidates are required to show proof of such enrollment.

The Need for Creativity

The students should show the full scope of their creativity when writing their chosen essay topics. The content should be impressive and convincing to engage the reader fully.

You stand a great chance of winning if you submit a thoughtfully written essay. The essay should show an impressive mastery of the subject.

Our Criteria for Choosing the Winner

Completed articles must be submitted through the essay provided below. All the submitted content shall be published on our website.

The participants shall be provided with a URL for promoting and driving social interaction through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Other ways of attracting readership may also be used.

Several factors shall be considered during the essay evaluation stage. Factors of value, creativity, and accuracy shall determine your performance.

We shall also decide the winner according to the level of readership. The essay should attract widespread engagement. The level of engagement shall determine your marketing skills.

Submitting your Application

Your completed content of between 700 and 1000 words should be submitted as a word content (doc file). Remember to submit the content as an attachment to the [email protected] email.


The following information should be Included:

  • Your name in full, mailing address and telephone number.
  • The name of your school.
  • Your Facebook link for verification purposes.
  • Your specific course of study.
  • Proof of student identity.
The submission of the above information shall be considered as permission for us to use the same on our website. We may use such information for marketing or promotional purposes.

We hope that you shall find this competition interesting. This chance could open up great careers for some students.


The deadline is March 20, 2017, and the winner will be selected on April 20, 2017. All completed works should be submitted before the deadline. Late submissions shall not be accepted. The winner will be notified by return mail upon selection.

The prize should be claimed within a month from the announcement date. Another winner will be selected if the month elapses without the claim. We look forward to reading your top-quality essays.


Thank You

WealFeet Team