Saucony Guide 7 Review – Great for Flat Feet Guys

The Saucony Guide 7 is an updated version for the most popular and awarded stability shoe by Saucony.

It is a shoe that has been strikingly tested and suitably engineered to blend harmoniously cushioning, stability, as well as flexibility into a regular stability trainer. Most pleasing is the much focus that has been directed towards this shoe’s design. Saucony Women's Guide 7

We’ve decided to compile a Saucony women’s guide 7 review, which is definite to prove handy in deciding whether this model is really worth it or not.

Below are some considerable features this shoe is offering.

Amazing First Impression

You may have heard past stories regarding the Guide, and the few witnessed evolution of this shoe. More focus has been given to the Guide 7’s forefoot region.

On placing the shoe on your feet, you’ll already start experiencing the satisfaction. It seems more cushioned and fluid than other versions.

You’ll note the construction to be quite sound, as Saucony implements several improvements in the shoe’s outsole.

This is notably where most significant changes are. First worth noting is the change in material. Saucony decided to switch from its previous Pro-Grid cushioning system to Power-Grid for the Guide 7.

This sees the transformation of this shoe using Power-Grid- 15% lighter, 30% more durable material.

Although this switch is not outwardly apparent, it creates a more responsive, yet resilient shoe, particularly at the forefoot and midfoot.

This added resiliency and responsiveness do more than just making up for the lessened softness with the shoe.

Contemporary Design

The flared design of the forefoot is quite possibly among the best adjustments implemented in the Guide 7.

While other versions may feel narrow and cramped with the toe box, leaving your toes compressed, the Guide 7 incorporates a design that conveniently creates a wide, comfortable platform on which to build from.

Also, the flared forefoot generates room for your toes, enhancing smooth and stable propulsion through the latter stages in the gait cycle.

Among the features still maintained is the decoupled beveled heel, that’s also present in Guide 6. This helps slow, and also combat any inward rolling.

This is a slightly posted shoe, but some redesign elements in the form of intentionally placed crash pads at the midfoot have aided in reducing the shank size.

This is a slightly posted shoe, but some redesign elements in the form of intentionally placed crash pads at the midfoot have aided in reducing the shank size.

The outsole is quite reminiscent of the Guide 5. Directional triangle lugs which exposed more foam, notably recognizable with the Guide 6 are gone.

With the Guide 7 now is a more fan-design, having bigger patches of rubber and thus creating more surface area.

This improves the shoe’s traction. In addition, it also increases the overall durability, which comes in handy in keeping up with the miles.

An Appealing Upper

The newly created platform with the Guide 7 has a roomier, wider toe box that’s definitely more accommodating.

Several adjustments on the overlays have helped in opening up the shoe fit.

Saucony also incorporates a change with the upper material, using a more open mesh-Hydramax material.

This material especially appeals with its enhanced, smooth and plush feel.

The upper allows for an overall more nice feel without any noticeable pressure at the peak points.

  • It’s relatively lightweight when compared to different brands.
  • The shoe has better seam placement and is structurally more sound.
  • The Power-Grid material makes it a lighter, more durable and softer shoe.
  • It bears an appealing look, having fully reflective and noticeable overlays.
  • The coloring on its outsole may not appeal to all.
  • Some users have raised complaints regarding the claimed flexibility of the shoe.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q. How does the Saucony Guide and Ride differ?

A. There isn’t much difference between the two. However, the Guide has been proven to be more cushion able and longer lasting.

Q. What’s implied by the N, just next to size 6?

A. It means narrow. The shoe comes in narrow, wide, medium and regular widths.

Q. What’s its exact weight?

A. The shoes weigh a convenient, light 8.2 oz. which is quite useful for it being a women’s shoe.


Final Verdict

The Guide 7 is clearly a solid update to the previous Guide 6, and loyal Guide-wearers are certain to be pleased with it.

There’s ultimately no need in stocking up on discontinued models while the new one is actually better than the last.

The Guide 7, as a suitable stability trainer, is comfortable, well supportive and serves as a great option for casual running any day.

Quite apparent is that the Guide 7 has definitely represented all the effort applied in developing it.

Simply put, this is certainly a wonderful shoe for individuals seeking just the right combination of comfort, durability, and support in a daily, long-distance, support running shoe.

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