How to Wash Shoes with Baking Soda and Keep them Odorless

The freshness of your shoes defines your attitude towards hygiene. Smelly shoes can embarrass you in your finest moments of life. Maintaining clean and dry shoes is always a rewarding virtue.

We think of baking soda as a regular ingredient in the kitchen. However, we must now appreciate its importance in cleaning shoes of most kinds. The unique characteristics of baking soda give your shoes some lasting freshness. Besides, baking soda lifts the aesthetic appeal of the shoes.

However, you must clean your running shoes or normal shoes the right way. For a truly perfect wash, you must follow the following guidelines:

The Cleaning Details

Assuming that you intend to clean one pair of shoes, you will need some cleaning items. Baking soda, some vinegar and a trough of water or a sink are enough to get you started.

You may want to wash the shoes outdoors in order to observe the results in broad daylight. Besides, the cleaning process can turn somewhat messy, which makes the outdoor setting convenient.

In fact, the washing can be much easier if you have an outdoor washing area with enough water supply. Here are some specifics of the items that you need:

  1. 1 cup of baking soda.
  2. 1 cup of vinegar for each of the shoes.
  3. A water tap or a bucket of water.
  4. A scrubbing brush.
  5. A drying rack.

7 Steps of How to Wash Your Shoes with Baking Soda

Step 1:

Fill each of the shoes with about one cup of baking soda. You may need to reduce the amount of baking soda if the shoes you intend to clean are relatively small in size. Ensure that the baking soda is pure and not some imitation of the actual compound.

Step 2:

Add 1 cup of authentic vinegar to each shoe. If the vinegar is real, you should notice some fizzing and bubbling immediately. It is recommended to verify the specifications on the vinegar container. This will help to show proof of authenticity.

Step 3:

Let the mixture remain in the shoes for about 15 minutes. The duration is sufficient to allow the baking soda to react effectively. The reaction loosens dirt and removes odor. You may let it settle for slightly longer if the shoes are very smelly.

Step 4:

After the 15 minutes, use your brush to scrub the inside and outside of your shoes. Ensure that you use moderate force to avoid tearing the shoes. Scrub each shoe for about 3 or 5 minutes for perfect results.

Step 5:

If the shoes have a removable insole and laces, remove them and wash them separately in the mixture. The removable parts should also soak in the mixture for the same duration. This will help to enhance the freshness of the shoes.

Step 6:

Remove the mixture from the shoes and rinse them thoroughly. It might be necessary to use more clean water to rinse the shoes for a second time. This will enhance the quality of results.

Step 7:

Place your shoes on the drying rack and allow them to dry completely. Ensure that the shoes are completely dry on the outside and the inside. Poorly dried shoes often emit an odor when worn prematurely. Polish the shoes after they dry. These seven steps should remove the bad odor from your shoes and enhance their visual appeal.

Why Washing your Shoes with Baking Soda Results in Meticulous Freshness

The unique chemical properties of baking soda make it ideal for washing shoes. First, baking soda is a unique salt with disinfectant properties. In chemical terms, baking soda is a compound that is composed of bicarbonate ions and sodium ions.

Besides, this compound has special qualities that enhance the absorption of odor and musty smell. You need it to restore the freshness of your shoes. Regular cleaning of shoes with baking soda results in lasting freshness. Here are some of the advantages of using baking soda to clean your shoes:

Advantages of Using Baking Soda to Wash your Shoes:

  • Baking soda absorbs musty smells and odor.
  • This special salt is an effective fungicide.
  • It is ideal for disinfecting your shoes.
  • Converts oils, fats, and grease into the soapy foam.
  • Baking soda neutralizes acid spills on your shoes.
  • Works effectively against surface rust.
  • Removes heavy coffee and tea stains on shoes.

Wrap Up

Using baking soda in the proper way helps to restore the freshness of your shoes. Shoes develop odor because of various reasons. Insufficient air circulation and wetness are some of the reasons.

Wearing them for a long time also makes them stuffy. Baking soda can be used for general maintenance of your shoes. This special compound absorbs bad smells, removes stains and cleans rust. Baking soda can also be used to make wet and dry deodorant for your shoes.

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